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Historical Ecology

The Historic Plants of North Woodlawn Cemetery, an African American cemetery: an hour-long "Lunch and Learn" program from the Florida Native Plant Society. Enjoy watching the presentation on YouTube.

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News Along the Avenue of Oaks

Maintenance of our beloved oaks is an ongoing concern.  Working with Citrus County, Duke Energy, and industry professionals, caring for our trees is a primary concern.  

In 2019, a Tree Survey was conducted by Paff Tree Service, LLC to analyze needs.    If you would like a copy, call Terri Hartman at (352) 726-6644.


Floral City Heritage Council Tree Committee: 

  • Terri Hartman, FCHC
  • Winnie Schreiber, Forest Management
  • Tom Ritchie, FCHC
  • Shawn McNamara, FCHC
  • Pete Antonetti, FCHC
  • Deb Pedone, Paff Tree Service, LLC
  • Jim Sterling, Citrus County

In November 2019, Deb Pedone from Paff Tree Service addressed the Floral City Garden Club about replacing oaks along Orange Avenue.  Paff Tree Service does scheduled checks on the trees' development and the Orange Ave residents keep a constant vigil to support the monthly data-collection walks of the Tree Committee members. 

Planning Strategic Replantings 

After three trees were lost along the Avenue of the Oaks, some of the Tree Committee members went shopping for Trees at Stewart's Tree Service in Brooksville. Stewart's Tree Service specializes in Live Oaks like those along Orange Avenue. Deb Pedone from Paff Tree Service, LLC accompanied the committee members.

Selecting Trees for Replantings
    Tree Committee members Frank Peters and Tom Ritchie meeting with Deb Pedone and Stewarts' Tree Service discussing the best trees for planting in the historic district.
Adult Live Oak tree     Example of an Adult Live Oak Tree such as the ones in the Floral City Historic District

2019 Florida Urban Forestry Council Award Winners

Outstanding Project: Floral City Avenue of the Oaks, Marcia Beasley and Frank Peters

Frank Peters and Marcia Beasley were selected to receive an award as Tree Advocates from the Friends of the Florida Urban Forestry Council.

Tom Ritchie (second from left) stands in for Frank Peters to receive the Florida Urban Forestry Advocacy Award.



Three Trees Removed from Canopy

  • Removal of three Historic Trees along Orange Ave. is the result of the 2018 Tree Survey completed in the Fall of 2018 by Paff Tree Service, LLC and Citrus County.
  • The survey is a report on the health and integrity of the Historic Tree Canopy and updates the previous survey completed in 2002.
  • A key part of the survey is to identify each individual tree, diagnose the issues associated with the tree, and develop a plan for the preservation of the tree and its contribution to the canopy.
  • After the 2018 Survey, the Paff arborist placed a numbered metal tag near the base of each canopy tree.
  • Anyone who would like a copy of the Paff Arborist's Survey Report prepared for Citrus County and Floral City Heritage Council can contact the Heritage Council directly.

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